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Terms and Conditions

  • Contestants must be a natural born female and male.
  • Contestant should be in good health.
  • Contestant should be Citizen of India
  • Eligibility Criteria For Miss Exquisite India
    • Age: 17 Years to 29 Years
    • Should not be married/engaged.
    • Should not have given birth to any child.
  • Eligibility Criteria for Mrs Exquisite India
    • Age: 18 Years +

Eligibility Criteria for Mr. Exquisite India

  • Age: 17 Years to 35 Years
  • Should not be Married/Engaged.
  • Contestant must not be involved in any porn, nudity, any illegal activity or any other adult activity, prohibited in the law of India, neither in past nor at present and during the tenure of the Competition, if contestant found doing such activity in the future he/she has to return the title, crown and sash immediately to India Exquisite Pageant Organization. Also, India Exquisite Pageant Organization may take any kind of legal actions against any such activity done by contestants, without any demur and protest from the contestants.
  • If selected as winner, contestant will bear the crown for one year unless the next successor is selected or unless asked by the Company to return the crown, upon happening of any of the events mentioned in the afore-mentioned clause.
  • Contestant must possess a moral character and should be of courteous and professional manner at all times during pageant.
  • If selected, contestant must be available for appearances whenever required by the India Exquisite Pageant Organization during any event. Contestant will be informed in advance for such appearances. Company will hold all the rights of the Winning Titles.
  • Contestant will not be entitled to use the title anywhere without permission of the India Exquisite Pageant Organization
  • The Organization holds all the rights to disqualify any participant / contestant / winner at any point of time. There are no promises of an International pageant to be taking place in any given time frame.
  • Fee once paid by the contestant for registration will be non-refundable in any circumstances neither full nor partial fee will be refundable and Company has right to forfeit the amount, in case of cancellation of Competition, rejection or withdraw of the application of the contestant from the Competition or due to any other reason whatsoever.
  • All the information submitted by the contestant must be true and accurate, any mislead or false information will not be entertained
  • Contestant agrees that the decision of the judges of the competition and India Exquisite Pageant Organization will be final.
  • All Contestants must be under the contract of the Company for a minimum period of two years and will not have any right to start her own pageant neither directly nor through her spouse/family members, etc., or engage in helping another pageant or system, recruitment for any other pageant system without prior written consent from the Company.
  • Contestant must abide by the rules and regulations and code of conduct of the Competition/Company.
  • Contestant may not engage the Judges in conversation prior to, or during the Competition. Contestants who are observed approaching a Judges by any means, will be subject to immediate disqualification. Judges may be on the site of the Competition, but private conversations or contacting Judges by any means are strictly prohibited.
  • India Exquisite Pageant Organization has right to use the photographs, videos and other material/details provided by the contestant for their promotional activities and future concern. Contestant shall never protest for such right nor shall claim any amount or compensation in respect of the said right granted to Company.
  • India Exquisite Pageant Organization will not be responsible for any monetary loss/damage to property or physical injury that occurs/caused to the contestant on account of their participation in the Competition and during the events organized by Company. The contestants will participate in the Competition at their own risk & responsibility.
  • Rules and Regulations made by the company are subjected to the modification as may be deemed necessary by the company, without prior notice and / or intimation to the contestants and all the changes / modifications of these terms and conditions by the company will be accepted and abided by all the contestant during and post the competition without any protest.
    • Bank Account Details
    • A/C : India Exquisite Pageant
    • A/C Number : 50200012050192
    • Bank : HDFC
    • IFSC :HDFC0001070