India Exquisite Pageant 2022

India Exquisite Pageant Organization is all set to search for the Next “Exquisite King & Queen”.

India Exquisite Pageant 2021 is going to be the first National Pageant in India for Mrs Category not charging any amount from the finalists in the of grooming, accommodation or photoshoot.

After going through various online and offline rounds in the month of February we will witness the finale of India Exquisite Pageant 2022 where 45 finalists (15 Mister, 15 Miss & 15 Mrs) will compete for the title of

Miss Exquisite India 2022

Miss Exquisite India “Queen For A Cause” 2022

Mister Exquisite India 2022

Mister Exquisite India “ King For A Cause” 2022

Mrs Exquisite India 2022

Mrs Exquisite India “Queen For A Cause” 2022

Winners of India Exquisite Pageant 2022 will represent India Internationally at Miss Planet International, Cambodia ; Miss Tourism World, UK ; Miss Culture International, Philippines ; Mister & Miss Universal Ambassador, Greece ; Mister & Miss Exuberant International, India.

Not only the winners all Top 45 will get an exclusive contract with India Exquisite Pageant Organization that will lead them to glamour Industry.

They will get a chance to work in Music Videos and Short Movies under the banner of Exquisite Production and Mix Trend Music.